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Forum help - English

How to register to and use DS-Forum

This is the address: http://www.slaegtogdata.dk/forum.

In the upper right corner you will find the link Ny bruger (new user). Just below you will find 2 fields with text :
Brugernavn means user name
Kodeord means password
These are for logging in when you have registered.


Click on Ny bruger and this page will open:


Now this page opens:


It says:
You are now registered as a user.
You will in a short time receive an email with a link. Clicking this link will allow you to define your password. When you get this email follow the link to complete your registration. Note that the process should be completed within 168 hours. If you are not in time, you may be required to request a new password by using ”Glemt adgangskode” (forgotten password).

The email you receive may look like this:


If you do not receive the email please contact the webmaster.
Clicking the link takes you to this page:


Now you are presented with a page saying: Adgangskoden er nu ændret.

Which informs you that your password has been changed and you can log in with your new password.

Log in to Find Your Relatives in Denmark.

Click on Nyt emne (new topic) to post a message.



If you want to reply to a message open the message and click on Svar (reply)

You have some extra options when you write a message. Click on Øvrige funktioner (further options] and these posts appear:


Abonner på svar: Mark this if you want to get a mail whenever a new message is posted to the thread.

Returner til dette emne: Return to this topic.

Brug ikke smileys: Do not use smileys.

Vedhæft: Vælg arkiv: Attach: Select file. Clicking Vælg arkiv allows you to navigate to the file you want to attach. Allowed file-types: doc, gif, jpg, mpg. pdf, png, txt, zip, docx. You may attach several files, but the size is limited to 128 KB per file.

Forhåndsvisning means Preview. Click this to take a look at your message before you post it.

Have a good time with our Forum!