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Udskriv siden - Sv: Need explanation for parish transcripts entry for Maren Thomasdatter**

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Titel: Sv: Need explanation for parish transcripts entry for Maren Thomasdatter
Besked af: Rebecca Johnson [32640]03 Okt 2018 - 01:08
Another thing that does not make sense about the "Sl" by Maren Thomasdatter is the following:

258 1718 Døbt Thomas Holgersen i Kalhave - Christen (which ties into my Christen Thomasen)

My Christen Thomasen dies in Nim, Nim, Skanderborg in 1764 Christen Thomasen - 46 år (age 46 which equates to a birth in 1718)

This tells me that Thomas Holgersen is probably Christen Thomasen's father.

It is possible that there was one more Maren born in 1737, which was the year I expected her to be born based on her age at death in 1775 being 38 years old.

1775 fol 108a indsidder Knud Hovgaards hustru Maren Thomasdatter af Yding - 38 år (age 38 equates to a birth in 1737)

So, either a mistake was made by putting "Sl" against her name in the Confirmation records or Maren born 1734 died and another Maren was born in 1737 and I just have not been able to find her birth record in the transcripts.

I think if the "Sl" is correct then it applies to Maren #2, born 1725-probably is the child who died 1730, as she would have been age 17-18 in 1743 had she lived to see her Confirmation.

Maren #3 would only have been 13 years old in 1743 and possibly too young for Confirmation.

All of this is to say, that I think Maren #3 did not die, and was perhaps confirmed in another parish and she went on to marry Knud Hovgaards.

Can anyone explain the purpose of putting "Sl" in the Confirmation records?