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Udskriv siden - Sv: Need help with translation of parish record for Bodil Henriksdatter**

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Titel: Sv: Need help with translation of parish record for Bodil Henriksdatter
Besked af: Rebecca Johnson [32640]12 Okt 2018 - 05:24
I find Oluf (Hansen) Guldberg mentioned here:,28470621 (,28470621) and here,28470555  (,28470555) but I do not see his wife or children.

From what I understand, Oluf was married 3 times.  Firstly, he married Else Cathrine Hansdatter Brangstrup and they had at least one son, Hans Georg (Jorgen) Olufsen Guldberg around 1693 and possibly a second son, Knud Olufsen Guldberg who died Jun 1766 (I am not sure which mother is his).

Oluf married secondly to Bodil Henriksdatter and thirdly to Mette Lauridsdatter Leerkmans 23 Nov 1706 Tommerup, Tommerup, Odense, Denmark.  I expected to find the other marriage and birth records in Stadil, Rinkobing.

Oluf's marriage to Mette Lauridsdatter (bottom left):,30841085  (,30841085)

Oluf was born 20 Mar 1667 in Kolshave, Guldbjerg, Skovby, Odense, Denmark so I would almost expect to find the marriage and birth records in this parish but do not see them.  Oluf's father, Hans Olufsen Fangel was also a priest and his family records are found in these pages here:,30425170 (,30425170)