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Titel: Translation of a marriage record
Besked af: PrivateUser [57942]13 Okt 2018 - 09:21

Would someone please help translate the marriage record of Maren Stine Andreasen? I have attached a clip in JPEG that shows the record I'd like translated.

I am trying to figure out what or who "Jeppe Hansen" was. So far, I've been able to make out:

Bride Maren Stine Andreasen,
26 1/2 years old, ??? ??? Jeppe Hansen
(of or in) Hejringe, vaccinated July 2, 1852 Moller

Would it help if I said that her groom was Niels Hansen? They were married in Birket Sogn, Maribo, Denmark on 10 Nov 1877. Jeppe Hansen is not Maren's father' name, so I am trying to figure out what or who Jeppe Hansen was.

Thank you.