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Udskriv siden - Help with finding 2 Death records please.**

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Titel: Help with finding 2 Death records please.
Besked af: aileen young [5555]19 Okt 2018 - 06:15
For quite a few years have been trying to find what happened to my great grandfather and great grand mother x3.

The last information I can find is the 1840 census.

Kobenhavn,Kobenhavn (Statden), Vester Kavarter,Ny Kongensgade/Philasofgangen,no 227,Bolig No55,253 ft 1840.

Johannes  Kempf 59 Toimager
Jocobine C Kempf 58 Hans Kone.

Johannes Kempf was born 3 April 1781, Sankt Morten Stovring,Randers.

Married Jacobine Caroline Jacobsen in Frederiks Tyske Copenhagen,on 22 September 1805 Have never been able to find her parents or where she was born.

Have also found that Philasofganen was housing built by a foundation for the old and needy Copenhagen craftsmen.

Have search the churches for their deaths in the years 1840-50

Frederiks Tyske.
Vor Frue
Without success,

Any help would be most welcomed,

Aileen Young