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Titel: Help with finding a birth record please
Besked af: aileen young [5555]08 Feb 2019 - 13:21
Have been looking for a birth record for Valborg Hansen born c1891-93 to Henrick Charles Fernanado Hansen and ?Christiane  Henriette Cecilia Olivia Andersen.

Henrick and Christiane married 11 March 1894 Sankt Stefans Sokkelund Kobenhavn.

The family story is she was brought up by her grandmother  and her siblings had very little to do with her.

I have been able to find Henrick's mother Henriette Nathalie Hansen born Bode in census 1880, 1890, 1901 and 1916, no mention of Valborg.

Christiane's mother Emma Margrethe Kirstine Andersen born Onsberg  in census 1890 ,1916 and 1930 ,no mention of Valborg.

Could she have been fostered out and the siblings told she was with a grandmother ?.

Any help on where to look would be most welcomed.

Aileen Young