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Udskriv siden - Sv: Help with probate please**

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Titel: Sv: Help with probate please
Besked af: Grethe Leerbech [814]11 Maj 2019 - 12:03
The pages you have sned are about bonds and mortgages conc. byings of houses, farms, land etc.  The real division of the estate must be in "skifteprotokoller" Here  it is about a lottery ticket!for the son Anders.
It also mentiones the other children of Claus sørensen Bak and how much they inherited 

The names I find written are. Anders Gaarn Clausen Bak and his father Claus Sørensen Bak from Vesteroe sogn, and Anders got this at the division the 12 december 1815, so his father had died ca. 3 weeks before that date. His wife is Margrethe Andersdatter, who is still alive. It also says that the mother are going to take care of especially the upbringing and education of the son, (the daughters are not mentioned here), and she doesn't get a guarde. The childrens money are blocked up to their 16 years, so i understand that she has to take care of the household at her own money and the 365 RD she gets. She stays in their house or estate. .