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For alle => Find Your Relatives in Denmark => Emne startet af: Ian MacQueen [31022] på 11 Maj 2019 - 11:15

Titel: Sv: Help with probate please
Besked af: Grethe Leerbech [814]11 Maj 2019 - 13:54
Hi ian

His name is not mentioned in the register, But i found his probate in"Originale skifter" se here:,32588054

in this at the last page, you will se there is another daughter the eldest, married to a Christen Christen, but as he owned his father in law some money he has to say no to his wifes inheritage.

Also she has put some supplement to their goods- things in the house -se here.

It is a long one, but readable. It is first finshed 1½ year after his dead. He died in december 1815, but is not in church record.

I think they were one of the richer families in læsø, and owned much, In the probate they also talk about some depts to different people. i have only skimmed it, as I want to go to the garden an work a little.